About DefineScope

DefineScope is a software development and consulting company, specialized in the development of web and mobile applications and technology. We are well-versed in a wide variety of technologies, and always open to new and exciting projects that can take the combination between technology and people’s daily lives to new limits!

What we do for you

Web Development

Web development DefineScope is experienced in web development, as well as the development of websites and online stores for various business areas. Look no further for your next website!

Software Development

Development for various platforms DefineScope is experienced in the development of software for mobile, web, and desktop platforms. We are the right choice for implementing your next project!

IT Consulting

Wizard-like IT consulting Does your company need help in implementing a software project? Maybe you need to adapt your IT infrastructure to address your unique business challenges? DefineScope can help!

Some clients with whom we have worked

  • Paperview Systems Lda.Paperview's logo
  • Sentar e ComerSentar e Comer's logo
  • StopCacém, Lda.StopCacém's logo
  • Mindbury Consulting, Lda.Mindbury's logo
  • SIQuant – Engenharia do Território e Sistemas de Informação, Lda.SIQuant's logo
  • NFG – Contabilidade e Informática, Lda.NFG's logo
  • Winsig – Soluções Integradas de Gestão, Lda.Winsig's logo
  • Webbase – Soluções de Software, Unipessoal Lda.Webbase's logo