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DefineScope provides training on a wide variety of topics that are related to Information Technologies (IT). From the usage of computers for basic tasks to the development and maintenance of software, and encompassing transverse topics such as software project management, DefineScope’s training programs will allow your company to obtain new skills, increasingly necessary to face the challenges that today’s world presents.

The training topics offered by DefineScope are mainly focused on:

DefineScope’s training programs are lectured by elements of our training staff, which have experience in lecturing at a top-level engineering university in Portugal.

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Some details about our training programs can be found below. The lecture contents mentioned are tentative, and will be adjusted to the client’s specific conditions and business environment. For further information, contact us!

Introduction to IT
Introduction to IT
Meant for employees, with no experience in the use of computers, who need to use a computer for their daily company tasks.
After this training program, your employees will be able to to use a computer to perform basic tasks. The taught skills include:
  • How to use the file system
  • How to use a word processor and a spreadsheet
  • How to use e-mail and a web browser
Software Development
Software Development
Meant for employees that know how to use a computer, and who need to develop software to be used internally by the company.
With this training program, your employees will know how to develop software for automating your company’s basic tasks and processes. The program’s training contents are focused on:
  • Programming in Python/C/C#
  • Use of a database and of the SQL language
UML (Unified Modeling Language)
UML (Unified Modeling Language)
Meant for employees that have a direct or indirect participation in your company’s software development activities.
After concluding this training program, your employees will be able to understand and create software system models using UML (Unified Modeling Language). This program’s contents focus on:
  • Structure diagrams (classes, objects, componente, instalation)
  • Behavior diagrams (use cases, activities, state machine, sequence)
  • Profiles
Model-Driven Development (MDD)
Model-Driven Development
Meant for employees that develop software, know a modeling language (e.g., UML), and wish to learn techniques for developing software based on models.
With this training program, your employees will learn about the most recent techniques and best-practices for Model-Driven Development (MDD). The training contents taught in this program regard:
  • Considerations for the definition of models
  • Model-to-code transformations
  • Model-to-model transformations
  • Current approaches and tools
Software Project Management
Software Project Management
Meant for employees with or without technical knowledge regarding software development.
This training program will endow your employees with the skills that are needed to manage your company’s software projects. The program includes the following subjects:
  • Project planning
    • Scope, duration, and cost
    • The project within the context of the organization
    • Comunication
    • Risk
    • Quality
  • Project lifetime