Our clients

These are some of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with:

  • Sentar e Comer
    Sentar e Comer is an online service for the delivery of meals to home or the workplace. Unlike typical meal delivery services, which are often centered around fast-food, Sentar e Comer deals primarily with portuguese traditional cuisine, providing their customers the possibility of enjoying everyday healthy home-cooked meals, without the extra work that this implies (cooking, taking a packed lunch, washing dishes, etc.).
  • StopCacém, Lda.
    StopCacém was created in 2006, as a result of the combination of two projects with many years of experience in the field of car repair, with the aim of providing a high quality response to the new requirements of the multi-brand car market.
    Located in the Industrial Zone of Alto da Bela Vista, in São Marcos, Cacém, StopCacém presents you with an area of about 800 m2, in which you will find a modern and well equipped autoshop. Waiting for your car is a team of experienced and properly qualified staff, always ready to take care of your car with the speed and quality of service expected by the most demanding customers. For this team, quality of service is mandatory, not an option.
  • Mindbury Consulting, Lda.
    Mindbury Consulting is a portuguese consulting company with important investments in emerging markets. Its high growth rate results mainly from a broad international range of action, with particular focus on portuguese-speaking countries. In order to overcome the challenges constantly posed by its markets, Mindbury bets in the construction of a talent retainment platform that presents, at every moment, a balance between academic resources and experienced professionals. Its team, joining highly-experienced professionals and the talent of youth, produces a synergy-multiplying effect that is oriented toward the creation of value for its clients, partners, and society in general.
    At Mindbury Consulting, the equation for success is simple: Confidence + Experience + Enthusiasm = Results.
  • SIQuant – Engenharia do Território e Sistemas de Informação, Lda.
    SIQuant is an IST Spin-off company, specialized in information systems and geographical information. Born from a university environment, this company integrates the experience, competencies, and rigorous technical approach of two R&D groups of IST and INESC-ID. From ICIST (Instituto de Engenharia de Estruturas, Território e Construção do Instituto Superior Técnico), it integrates the knowledge in techniques for the acquisition of geographical information and modeling. From INESC-ID, the competencies in the modeling and development of complex information systems, and the exploration of new approaches to system development, namely model-driven engineering supported by applicational platforms.
    SIQuant’s activities are focused in: collaborative web systems, content management systems, document and organizational knowledge management systems; and geographical information, mobile computing, virtual reality, and augmented reality systems.
  • NFG – Contabilidade e Informática, Lda.
    NFG specializes in the support to Enterprise Management, in the areas of Accounting, Human Resource and Administrative Management, and Management Consulting. In business since the 90s, it provides clients from various Portuguese regions a set of services that are necessary to SMEs and their managers, helping them to face and overcome problems that hinder an effective administration and an adequate control of resources.
  • Winsig – Soluções Integradas de Gestão, Lda.
    Winsig specializes in the delivery of management solutions integrated with the PHC ERP software, presenting a high capability for custom development and strong competencies in the PHC Manufactor (Industry) module, in which it has the largest team in the market. As a PHC Enterprise Partner – the highest status -, the company ensures that its projects are performed by trained and certified consultants with the capacity to analyze, audit, implement, and parametrize all of the PHC editions and modules.
    Winsig is one of the leaders of the universe of PHC’s 372 partners, is certified for its implementation in Angola, and ensures the coverage of the entire Portuguese territory through its operation and support centers in Lisboa and Porto.
  • Webbase – Soluções de Software, Unipessoal Lda.
    Webbase provides a wide variety of integrated solutions, ranging from simple websites to online communication campaigns. The company is specialized in the construction of websites, online stores, and catalogs, and also provides integration with the PHC ERP, as well as custom development of web projects, web design, hosting, and marketing.

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