Callback Parrot released


DefineScope is proud to announce the general availability of its newest product, Callback Parrot!

Callback Parrot is a tool to support developers in their task of testing integrations with third-party services via HTTP request callbacks. It works by allowing users to create endpoints (Parrots), which can receive messages and show them to the user at a later date. Messages are the aforementioned HTTP-based request callbacks, such as those that are usually sent by payment or SMS-sending gateways.

This product is available in both free and professional versions.

The free version allows developers to make quick tests to remote services. Developers can provide a Parrot’s address to a service XYZ, and then check whether XYZ has sent any notification callbacks, as well as their format and contents.

The professional version — dubbed Pro Parrot — supports all the scenarios of the free version, while also providing persistent storage for received HTTP callbacks. Another advantage of the professional version is that only the user can view the messages received by her parrot (while parrots in the free version can be viewed by anyone who has their respective URL links).

You can find a more detailed comparison of these features in the Callback Parrot website, here.

The staff at DefineScope is confident that developers will find Callback Parrot helpful when integrating with external services (we ourselves use it a lot! 🙂 ). If you have any doubts about this product, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to clear up any such questions!